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FailOver IP

03-17-2014, 04:58 PM

We are continuing to develop the KS, SYS and OVH products and service with strong differentiation between these 3 brands.

On KS, we will include X Failover IPs with each server. X will depend on the price of the server.
For example if your server costs 10/month, you will be entitled to 5 Failover IPs with your server with nothing extra to pay.
However, you cannot have 6 FO IPs. It's 5 max and included in the price.

On SYS, we receive requests for many FO IPs for each server. So we're adding the "PRO use" concept which costs 10/month.
With "PRO use", you are entitled to 16 prefixes per server.
A "prefix" is a /32 (1 IPs), a /31 (2 IPs), /30 (4 IPs), /29 (8 IPs), /28 (16 IPs) and /27 (32 IPs).
So you can have 16 x /32 (thus 16 IPs per server) until 16 x /27 (thus 512 IPs per server).
The IPs cost 2 to 1/month (according to the size of the /).

On OVH, we noticed a great commercial success with the Hosting range where FO IPs are free.
So we decided to offer the same thing on the entire 2014 range of OVH servers, meaning that FO IPs cost 2 setup fees then 0/month.
The limitation is 64 prefixes per server.

On the Hosting range, we will include in the price of the server:
cPanel, Plesk, Windows, as well as all licences for paid distributions that can be included in these offers.

On OVH for the customers < the 2014 range:
- if the servers costs 69/month or +, they come with the same advantages
only for the 2014 range: FO IPs at 0/month.
- if the server costs < 69/month (the 2013, 2012, 2011 mSPs etc.)
the rules are the same as for SYS, i.e. no change except when better in terms of the number of servers.


We are authorising the splitting of /(31-24) in /32 and the joining of /32 in /(31-24).
There's a cost element which must be taken into account, as to get FO IPs at 0/month, EACH IP must be configured on a server.
If in the month, one FO IP was not configured on a server for 1 second, it would have been placed in the IP "car park" and invoiced at +2/month/IP. The car park is for when you want to keep the IP but without using it.

You must therefore bear in mind the concept of 16 (SYS) and 64 (OVH) prefixes per server. This means that if you have a /28 in only 1 block, you have 16 IPs in 1 prefix. If you split it in /32, you suddenly change 1 prefix into 16 prefixes.

In some cases you won't have enough place on your server to configure all the FO IPs and your IP will be placed in the car park.
There is no consequence other than the charge of +2/month/IP and you'll even be able to think about having an "old" server with 64 prefixes available for less than paying 128/month IP on the car park.


Some old customers will say that all this was offered by OVH until 2012/2013 and that we're going backwards.
We are in fact able to offer splitting/joining of IPs again with 160K servers and +, because technology is evolving and we're integrating it in our datacentres.

We have made large investments in the datacentre routers. On GRA, SBG and BHS, the new routers are being launched and all existing customers will be migrated onto these new routers in the next 4 to 6 weeks. On RBX, the existing routers have the capacity to run for another 18/24 months without problem but we have decided to change them gradually. On RBX1 the migration starts in 2 weeks.

We also will integrate new 40G and 100G routers but they don't exist yet. We're working with Cisco, Juniper and Arista to approve the solutions they can offer us and we're not rushing this. There are many great things under development and which will only arrive as of September 2014. Then we will be able to have routers to support our growth, with a number of 40G/100G ports per linecard and per chassis and with 2M+ routes. And the next 10 years will go smoothly.


We expect to finish everything by the end of March and to start launching these changes from April 1st.

It's no joke!