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2014 range... 3 weeks after the launch

12-20-2013, 09:32 AM

the "2014 range" of dedicated servers is now launched, 2 months of reflection and 3 weeks of implementation. We are happy to reach the end of this cycle and we would like to thank all our customers who have been particularly patient and in many cases very constructive in their feedbacks.

If we look at the orders placed for the last 3 weeks, a lot seems to like the new 2014 range. We went from 150 000 to 156 000 servers in less than 20 days, which makes us think that we should exceed 160 000 by the end of the year. The new business model seems to work, but we'll wait three months before declaring victory.

It seems that we were right to segment our offers into 3 markets: "Enterprise", "Hosting" and "Infrastructure", each of them represents 33 % of the turnover. The "Enterprise" range boosted in CPU and RAM meets the needs of the demanding customers who want maximum hardware for the best price. The "Hosting" range is perfect for resources and consolidation sharing. It provides the best ratio resources/power/price/ip on the market. Finally, the "Infrastructure" range highlights our 4 datacenter zones and the internal network that connects them. The construction of complex, scalable and multi- datacenters infrastructures has never been easier.

So we put forward the "ultra- personalisation" of our servers. Where some of our competitors offering 3-4 types of servers, others offering 10 servers or so, OVH offers nearly 130 different references. We do it thank to the personalisation of each server. Our customer is not the "general public", but professionals with different needs. The goal is to answer all these needs and all these uses, by customising the hardware in less than 2 hours after the order. It's a major industrial challenge that requires us to review the organisation of data centers in order to be able to deliver these 130 different types of servers in 120 seconds for basic models or less than 2 hours for customised ones.

To succeed "ultra personalisation", we need to review our internal organisation as well as our relationships with our suppliers. We have already begun discussions and signed new contracts which will allow us to be supplied in "real-time". Indeed, so far it was up to us to manage the components stock that we use for the production of our servers and we want our suppliers to do that for us. This will allow us to build much more servers every month with better reactivity. Ideally we would place orders for each component each morning based on the delivered servers for the last 24h and then receive these items within 48 hours max after ordering. This way, we could better monitor changes in customer orders without managing backlogs.

In 2009, the range of OVH servers started from 69 € per month. At this time, we made ​​a mistake: we wanted to make the OVH entry-level more affordable and we reduced it to 59 € per month, then 49 € per month and finally to 39 € per month. Instead, to continue to be very aggressive in the market, we should have created a new brand, while continuing to provide the OVH servers from 70 € per month or more. Indeed, this minimum price allow us to constantly invest in new data centers, network, and of course, in the latest hardware. To do it in 2014 means the OVH entry-level at 80 € per month. This is the price to have the assurance of being at the forefront of the technology and thus be able to rent the newest and most powerful servers, with many innovative options included.

For customers seeking for the best price/hardware, we imagined, precisely, a new brand: "SYS" SoyouStart.co.uk. SYS servers are available from 30 € per month. This range is designed for customers seeking for good value for money and not options needed. So somewhere, if OVH should lose a customer because he can not afford a server at 80 € per month, we want to redirect them to SYS which is made ​​for them. Powerful servers with lots of RAM, a quality network for unbeatable price. However, the customer who decides to switch from OVH to "SYS" actually does leave OVH. On "SYS" the customer must create a new client ID to access a new manager which is isolated from the OVH one, and IP Failover can not be switched from OVH to "SYS". In one word, "SYS" is a real competitor of OVH.

At last, we expanded the "marketing" role of the "Kimsufi.com" brand. We are now targeting students and anyone looking to start in the business of Internet infrastructure, not only in France but worldwide. The plan is to introduce the technology we offer at a very low price, anywhere on the planet. With these servers from 8 € per month, we want you to discover the OVH.com group and its galaxy of services. We do not make money on "Kimsufi.com" but we don't lose any either. The role of "Kimsufi.com" is not to make business, but to be the OVH.com front door. The Kimsufi range is of course made of old servers which are no longer have the technical dimension to our existing customers. These servers are already largely depreciated, but have an excellent hardware to start at lower prices.

The support we provide on "Kimsufi.com" is also "non-critical". By default we monitor the server and if it fails, we work to fix it. In case of "non-standard" problems, the customer can create an incident ticket on the web forum, our teams analyse customer's requests Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm (Paris time).

SYS support is the one we used to offered on OVH.com. Monitoring servers 24/7 and support via email or phone is 24/7, for commercial, technical as well as open incident tickets.

OVH.com support is following the sun based on our support teams in UK, Tunisia and Canada. We want to expand the scope of competence of our support for two types of customers. In fact, the partners who find themselves between their end customer and OVH.com, need "FastPath" support with a very high reactivity. For their part, our end customers need some outsourcing of their servers for small everyday problems. "Advanced" support is planned for late January so we must meet the new challenges of our customers.

What do we have to do?
- On Kimsufi.com, we are working on the server for 8 € per month. We're using Galileo. We've already received the first samples in order to start alpha-testing: https://twitter.com/olesovhcom/statu...68594869760001

- The SYS "Backup" range arrived this week. It is based on two servers with 2 4 TB and 6 4 TB disk, from 50 € per month.

- The SYS "Game" range - we are currently testing different types of CPU to build a range for gamers and "Game" professionals. Some CPUs will be "overclocked" offering a price / performance ratio not found on the market.

- The OVH.com "Storage" range. We'll see Intel Avoton C2750 8c/8t 16 GB with 3 4TB and Avoton C2750 8c/8t 32 GB with 7 4 TB. Both servers have the network 1 1 Gb/s and 1 1 Gb/s guaranteed in vRack . We're also offering the BIG-HG with JBOD of 12, 24 and 36 SAS disks of 4 TB with 1 10 Gb/s on the public network and 1 10 Gb/s on vRack . We're aiming for the Cloud Storage ( OpenStack Swift, Ceph ... ) and the backup market. Our pCS (Public Cloud Storage) service is also based on this hardware and will be 50 % cheaper than the American competition.

- The " HPC " range on OVH.com - through our subsidiary Oxalya, we have access to HPC in the Cloud market and its different types of customers . We note that there are many things to do in this segment compared to different customer usage.

- The "Big Data" range on OVH.com will evolve to the new BIG- HG with JBOD of 2, 4, 12, 24 and 36 disks and maximum CPU/RAM, either 1 GB or 10 GB .

- All the dedicated servers on OVH.com will soon take the guaranteed bandwidth option and use up to 3 Gb/s bandwidth per server

- We will offer USB storage

- We now provide a guarantee on the price and availability of servers in the event of changes in this range, for a duration of 6 months

Regardless of dedicated servers, we're working on the hardware choice in which to launch "* pCI*" range in late January . We will be able to be 33 % cheaper than our U.S. competitors, ensuring guaranteed resources through the "*pCI 2.0*". ON the VPS , we seek to improve our VPS Classic offer and to propose Dedicated VPS which will be based on "*pCI 2.0*" technology. The Dedicated Cloud range will be renewed in January with the new generation of CPU. We also plan to build a new infrastructure that will allow us, we hope, to double our number of customers in 2014, which is thanks to our partnership with Microsoft and the launch of "Hyper -V as a Service*" on Dedicated Cloud. We are changing the hardware of all servers that run shared hosting. The aim is to improve runtime performance of PHP / MySQL code by 4—5 and prepare the infrastructure to host the first PaaS services with NodeJS to start.

All the best