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Price and availability guarantees

12-16-2013, 02:11 PM

Some customers have raised the issue of quotations with us, which they provide to their customers or financial organisations. When the response to the quote finally arrives, the range has often evolved. On our side, we want to guarantee that the quote you provide to your customer can be honoured, even if the range has changed.

To do this, we will set up a price and availability guarantee on all OVH ranges. It's very simple: in the event of any evolution, modification, improvement, or changes in our offers, we will guarantee that every customer will be able to place an order for all old server models, for 6 months after the change, and for up to 5 servers maximum.

Here's a specific example:
Say you send your customer a quote in February 2014, based on the servers available at the time, but then in March 2014, the range evolves with the arrival of new hardware on the market. Your customer comes back to you in June and gives you the go-ahead for the quote given in February.

You have two choices:
- order exactly the same server as quoted in February
- order from the new range of June servers
When the range changes, it takes some time to discuss things with our customers. Sometimes there are typos on the website or misunderstandings, or deliberations on HG/BIG-HG options. We could say that a new range is permanently fixed 3 weeks after being launched, and the guarantee starts to apply from the 3rd week of life.

This guarantee will thus begin with the 2014 range and will therefore come into effect from next Friday for all servers on the OVH website. This means that the server models and prices will be guaranteed for the life of the range + 6 months after the range has been withdrawn, and up to a limit of 5 servers maximum (in total).