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The SyS range

12-12-2013, 04:36 PM

We have just set up the SYS range with the E3-1225v2/1245v2 servers with SoftRAID and HardRAID.
There is also the i7-9xx/W35xx platform with 48 GB RAM.

We have taken notice of the feedback on Hard RAID cards and we have added 2 servers with LSI RAID-0/1/1E/10, with 2 x 2 TB and 2 x 120G SSD Intel S3500 disks.

We are also launching the 1st Intel Xeon with 32 GB RAM at less than 49 /month, with 2 x 2 TB and 200 Mb/s guaranteed bandwidth. The same server with 2 x 120 GB SSD costs 55,80 /month.

The servers are available in 3 datacenters:
We will be adding BHS next week.

The SYS ranges will continue to expand. We envisage an Avoton, 2 BI-CPU servers, as well as the FS-4T and FS-24T backup servers.
The Game range is also coming with overclocked servers at 4 GHz minimum per core. The tests are in progress.
The Game range will run on low latency routing using the pass-through L3/L2 packet forwarding. And of course, Anti-DDoS protection.

We will soon be offering an option to spread the cost of the setup fees on SYS:
- 62 setup fee
- +12,40 /month for 6 months, with no tie-ins

Customers that have taken E3-1245v2 32 GB, 2 x 120 GB at 62 /month will have their price adjusted to 40/month.