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Setup fees/upfront payments

12-11-2013, 09:49 AM

the setup fees are 62 € on the SYS servers and 124 €, or 371 € on the OVH servers. These are one-off fees.
For those of you that only need your server for 2-3 months, this is not a good solution.
So we will spread these setup fees over 6 months, with no tie-ins.

- SYS: 62 € set up fee or +12,40 €/month for 6 months
- OVH: 124 €set up fee or +24,80 €/month for 6 months
- OVH: 247 € set up fee or +49,60 €/month for 6 months
- OVH: 371 € set up fee or +74,40 €/month for 6 months

No tie-ins? Yes, that's right.
So for example, if you only want a SYS server for 3 months, then don't pay the setup fee. Just take your SYS server and pay 12,40 €/month for these 3 months. If on the other hand, you want the server for 1-2 years, you have the choice of either paying 12,40 €/month for 6 months, followed by the standard price, or you can simply pay 62 € in one go, and then the standard price. Basically, it's up to you. On our side, this does mean that we have some turnover to deal with, but with the monthly server price at 12,40 € more, it's not a problem.

We have also been asked about discounts for 6 months and 12 months paid up front, so here is what we have decided.
For new servers:
- An upfront payment of 12 months cancels out the setup fees, which equates to approximately 10% discount.

For servers over 12 months old:
- for a 6 month renewal, you will only be charged for 5 months, which equates to 15% discount
- for a 12 month renewal, you will only be charged for 9 months, equating to 30% discount

This will be applied shortly.