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2014 range (coming early next week)

11-29-2013, 01:40 PM

The long-awaited 2014 range is coming.

First: Thank you

Thank you to all our customers who have continued to trust us during the "Sold Out" period. Thank you also for having participated in all the discussions about the end of the "Sold Out" and ideas that we've tried to gather in this new range of servers.

We hope that the results of these two months of work will meet your expectations. We are very happy to get out from this period of reflection and questioning for the new business plan to find why we are here :

To provide infrastructure for your projects.

Many changes. It will probably take 10 minutes before entering into the logic of the 2014 range to enjoy all the power of this new range.

Do not hesitate to ask us to clarify some details if needed.

Here is a summary to take in hand the new range in less than 15 minutes.

The logic
We have split the servers between "no option" on SYS and "added value" servers at OVH.

At OVH you have "all inclusive" servers, ready to use for 3 types of uses: Enterprise, Hosting and Infrastructure. You can customize the hardware and some features.

We removed "professional use".

Servers are "all inclusive" at OVH and start from 81.99/month for the 3 ranges.

3 server ranges for 3 purposes. This segmentation is not strict, ie you can use the server for another usage "if it's better"

3 purposes:

- WEB , Email, Intranet, Extranet
- Collaborative Tools
- Big server to "do everything"

- Hosting platform
- Virtualization
- Server pooling

- Multi-datacentre Private network
- The virtual rack alias vRack (c)
- Tailored-made server

Technically speaking, we can distinguish 3 ranges by saying that for the same server price you have the choice between:
- Enterprise with "2 x more RAM"
- Hosting with "Free IP Failover"
- Infrastructure with "private / vrack network"

We've simplified everything .

On Business / Hosting / Infrastructure, you have the public network. On this public network you can point 16 FO IPs + 256 RIPE IPs.

16 FO IPs cost 1.99 per IP per month - FO IP unit ( / 32)
- Small RIPE IP blocks (IP 4/8/16 )

For the following 256 IPs, it is wholesale RIPE IP blocks (IP 32/64/128/256 ) and it costs 0.99/IP/month.

Except for Hosting servers where the 16 IP FOs are free (instead of 1.99/IP ) and depending on the type of Hosting server 1/2/4 RIPE IPs out of 32 IPs are also free instead of 0.99/month. To summarise : ( 16IPs + 32IPs ) or ( 64IPs + 16IPs ) or ( 16IPs+ 128IPs ) provided with the server "all inclusive" .

On Infrastructure , you have the vRack on the private network. You can enable routing in the router and vrack absolutely anything you want. There is no limit on the number of IP FO units ( / 32) or on the IPE IP block. The cost is 0.99/IP/month .

- The server hardware is Customisable
- RAID SOFT default option:
- Hybrid RAID SOFT
- Hybrid RAID HARD
- On OVH / Infrastructure / HG optional
In addition to RAID / Hard you can personalise
- The CPU

Many customers have contacted us to make an order during the "Sold Out" period . We've contacted again by giving a token to order before everyone else . The 24H "sunrise" period.
From Friday we will reopen the orders to everyone and start delivering high volume .

The installation costs are 99 / 199 / 299 according to the range of servers . They will evolve over time to regulate the turnover.

Note :
- EG -32 with vrack from 81.99 p/m
- SP -64 4 cores / 8 threads with 64GB to 81.99 p/m
- The HOST servers with AMD Opteron 6c/8c/16c
- SP -256 2xE5 - 2670v2 (20 cores/24 threads) for 299 p/m
- The E5- 16xxv2 (version 2) and E5- 26xxv2 (version 2) range which is 30% more powerful than the present range (compared to the same model number) . example:
E5- 1620v2 is 30% more powerful than E5 -1620
E5- 1650v2 is 30% more powerful than E5 -1650
E5- 2650v2 = E5-2670
- The Big- HG going perfectly for the job of Big Data with the new Intel Xeon
E5- 2687Wv2 (16 cores/40 threads)
E5- 2690v2 (20 cores/40 threads)
E5- 2697v2 (24 cores/48 threads) are able to take up to 36 disks of 4TB SAS

Servers will start to be delivered from tomorrow / day after tomorrow.
Shipping time is 120 seconds and custom servers are aimed for 4 Hours.

In late January, SP- 512, 256 and HOST- HOST- 512 is expected if we are asked for them

Please give us your feedback and thank you again for your patience.

All the best


* hinnat suuntaa antavia