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So You (re)Start

11-25-2013, 03:20 PM
So You (re)Start

following your feedback, we have accelerated the development of our new line of SyS servers with a first Xeon E3 ServerSyS 32 GB at 40 €/m.
In parallel, we corrected the offer associated with IP failover. Then finally , we decided not to sell the new Intel Avoton before receiving feedback from our customers and then to launch a BETA on Avoton .

Long version
We had a lot of feedback on how to start SyS .

Quick summary here :

1 ) the name SyS comes from "So you Start" but for many of you it means " Sysadmin " . So naturally we had sysadmin feedback on the quality of the SyS proposal. And then, the drama as the deals were not intended for sysadmin but for " starting a new business on the net ." So our lack of communication. It is challenging and therefore we evolve our offer SyS .

2) We got feedback, aggresive enough, the gaming customers saying that the offer based on Avoton does not match the game market. We announced stating that we will propose a gaming offer under a new brand . Given 1 ) the fact that it is not enough to say something just to be heard, so we decided to propose the game offer on SyS . It is still in ALPHA and should be released in about 2 weeks. In the meantime, you can already find it on the site and the records for the BETA will be possible in 10 days.

3) The new Intel Avoton is unknown and its value on the market is not yet recognised . We decided to take the Avoton offer in BETA . All orders for the Avoton range are 0 €/m with a remboursement of payment . The first 300 customers who have placed the order for the first 7 minutes will receive from Monday the new server and will test it for 1 week. Free. The number of servers available for testing should be 300/400 servers in two to three weeks which will allow other clients to test this new CPU. You can already register on the free BETA list to participate in this test. In parallel, we're negotiating with Intel on the true value of this new CPU which obviously does not lie at 40 €/m.

4) At 40 €/m , we're positioning an Intel Xeon E3 with 32 GB of RAM and 2x2 TB with 200 Mb/s bandwidth guaranteed. This server and its big brother SSD are available in less than 1 hour. We have just under 5000 servers in stock . It reflects the E3 servers with Hard Raid or Hybrid.

5) Installation costs will vary between the 0 € and 99 €. Today they are positioned at 49 € but they will change according to supply and demand . It is a way for us to regulate the turnover and speed up orders. This is to avoid being in the case of August where we had 25 000 server orders in 6 weeks with a turnover rate of 80%. The aim is to avoid another "Sold Out" .

5) You have Anti- DDoS protection included. Following your feedback, we will finally propose technical options such as personalized Anti -DDoS , backup, DMZ etc. . That said, the offer will never be as rich as that of OVH.com.

6) With each SyS server you can take up to 5 IP Failover . IPs cost 2 €/m . You can not switch IP FO from OVH.com to SyS . The reverse will be possible in a few weeks. No RIPE IP .

7) Support is available 24/7 by email and phone by default. A single entry point where you trade and technical service during the day on weekdays only and the rest of the technical time . GTI SLA level 1 is 1 hour and GTR= GTI + 1 hr with penalties of 5 % per hour behind the GTR .

8) SyS remains independent of OVH.com with its own manager. It will live its own life with its own dev team , sysadmin and its own features. For example, the support team is not the same and does not work in the same place as support for dedicated servers . Why not talk about a lack of competitors to OVH with an ultra aggressive positioning on the price?

So? You (re)start ? http://www.soyoustart.com


PS . It remains for Ovh.com to launch . We're working on it. I do not know yet if we will be able to get it up today. In any case, I can confirm that the SP- 64 is an Intel Xeon E5- 1620v2 with 64 GB at 90 €/m i.e.: 4 cores the most powerful on the market