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Dedicated server-2014: Vote

10-31-2013, 11:09 AM

I have validated a survey that we want you, our customers, to reply regarding all the ranges I described in my previous posts.

How will this happen?
The customers participating in this vote will receive a questionnaire for each range, 4 in total. It's important for us and for you that you answer the survey related to the server range that best suits you. Your opinion must be in relation to what you plan to do with the server.

The survey includes 3-4 questions to start, then a video presentation of the range in question. The video lasts 3-5 minutes and will show you all server ranges, the range you're interested in and a comparison chart. After the video, you'll have 8-10 questions to choose the server(s) that correspond(s) best to your need, usage.

To ensure that your feedback is taken into account, leave us your phone number at the end of the survey. We'll then call you back to discuss with you for 5-10 minutes. This call is to confirm that you are a customer of the server range that you answered. If this is the case, then the survey is validated and your feedback saved to help us create the final range.

I think we'll start sending surveys to customers who contacted our support first, then it'll be public.

Best wishes,