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5/7 - Dedicated server-2014: KS Personal servers

11-08-2013, 03:13 PM
Quote Originally Posted by mrl586
Mitä tämä tarkoittaa käytännössä? Miten tämä vaikuttaa Kimsufeihin?
Ei vaikutusta vanhoihin kimsufeihin.

10-30-2013, 10:15 PM
Mitä tämä tarkoittaa käytännössä? Miten tämä vaikuttaa Kimsufeihin?

10-30-2013, 04:24 PM
Follow up to: http://foorumi.ovh-hosting.fi/showth...=2358#post2358


We talked about the three "Ovh.com" server ranges:
- Enterprise
- Hosting
- Infrastructure
The 3 ranges from 70€/80€ to 200€/300€+ , depending on the hardware especially when it comes to the HG-BIG which is perfectly suited to the BigData Market with its 24 cores, 256/512GB generous TB and lots of IO, all of this in a 2x10G private vrack with and several PBs of storage in Hadoop .

Then we talked about the SYS range which allows you to have an essential server for less than 50€. This range of servers is perfect for sysadmins who need a powerful server without all the extra addons.

Now for the "Personal Server" which will be offered on Kimsufi.com

The motivation of the PS (Personal Server) is simple:
this is a perfect server to start in the business of sysadmin and great for playing around with and making small personal backups, testing and explore the world of the Internet. Every sysadmin should have a small KS .

There is not much philosophy when it comes to PS. This is a server which is the cheapest possible and therefore with maximum economy in terms of cost. We've worked hard to get the PS with built-in power supply in the rack. We continue to use this technology.
The server still has a single hard disk that is big enough with a good network connection of 100Mbps. No IP any more and no option. It is a "sufficient" server without any options which is there to start in the world of the sysadmin with a real dedicated server as cheap as possible.

In terms of commercial and technical support, the Forum is available and in case of incidents we will create incident tickets from requests you make on the forum.

There will be two offers on the PS. Initially reserved as a student offer with 5€ p/m and limited for the time of study. Each year in October, all clients of the PS-1 must justify the price reduction to continue to enjoy the offer for another year. For the PS-2 which is a Celeron / Atom (depending on the evolution of the brand at Intel and the Atom range we use today ) with two cores and four threads and 2GB of RAM. The offer will remain at 10€ p/m.

The PS will have its own manager but no API. One unique identifier for each server.

The server will only be available in Europe and we are reflecting on reducing the field of sales of this offer in our subsidiaries.

In one word, the server ranges less than 15€ will not increase. The market is stagnant and little growth is expected in this price segment.

Either way, the PS is a great server to start in sysadmin and allows you to test it cheaply. The scheme is simple: a customer who wants to test, takes a PS for 3 months and then upgrade to Ovh.com server. Here you can choose between a SYS server and Ovh.com.

So the PS still has a high rate of turnover and to limit the damage due to turnover, we will limit it to one PS per customer. The goal is to give everyone the opportunity to start on a real dedicated server but it's not for resellers or managed server suppliers as was permitted in the past. I remember one customer took 2100 servers in 6 months and released them three months later. If the client wants a lot of cheap servers, they will have the choice between the "SoYouStart" - "SYS" offers or the "Brokers" offers.

There will be no voting on the PS.

A few more announcements to come and then we will start the voting on all the presented ranges.

Best wishes,