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Re: The new contract for dedicated servers

07-31-2013, 01:24 PM

Following our customers' feedback and in a general paranoid atmosphere, we have clarified two conditions in the new contract to make them as clear as possible:

1) Limitations related to KS 2013

"The 2013 OVH range is exclusively for individuals or companies residents in the European Union, Norway and Switzerland only. The Customer cannot have more than three servers of the 2013 kimsufi range simultaneously.

The OVH Kimsufi 2013 range is strictly for personal use, resale is prohibited and will result in immediate termination of concerned server(s).

The Technical Support for KS customer is defined in Article 3 and help forum is available via http://foorumi.ovh-hosting.fi/forumdisplay.php?f=13"

2) We have clarified the use of Proxy, IRC, VPN and TOR.

"7.4 For security reasons, OVH reserves the right to proceed with the immediate suspension without notice of any server that would be offered free of charge or for a fee, a public Proxy, IRC, VPN, TOR, for which OVH has knowledge of malicious, fraudulent or illicit use."

Thanks for your feedback.

More information: (FI contract will be available soon)

Best wishes,


07-29-2013, 08:22 PM

We are updating the special conditions for dedicated servers to change the rules of use:

1- Since the introduction of anti-DDoS protection, we allow the hosting of camfrog servers on our network. We have the infrastructure to cope with these attacks whatever their sizes, types or durations. In contrast for the last few months we have had several legal matters related to the use of multiple TOR networks for paedophilia and we are now banning it as well as all anonymity systems. This increases fraudulent use of our network and number of legal requisition each month.

=> Consequence on the contract: Article 7.5 evolves.

2- We evolve ways and tools to fight against spams generated by our network. We are working on a system that blocks a spamming IP before it sends too many spams and it gets blacklisted. The work will take a few more weeks, but the contract already explains what we will do, how and when.

=> Consequence on the contract:
- Deleting provisions related to spam in Article 7
- New article 8: Measures to fight against sending spam from the OVH network

3- We have upgraded our network to 5 Tbps and we have changed our bandwidth limitations per server.

=> Consequence on the contract: Deleting old Article about the bandwidth

4- Protections against attacks will be free and in BETA. The anti-DDoS service allows you to protect and improve the availability of your infrastructure.

=> Consequence on the contract: New Article 8: Mitigation (measures against the dos and ddos attacks)

5- The new KS range offers personal servers. As such, resale is forbidden and there is a limitation of 3 servers per physical or legal person. For this type of use, there is no need of more such servers, otherwise the customer has to upgrade to the SP range which is now particularly accessible. Also, KS is exclusively for residents of the EU only. For all other countries, ie outside Europe, we offer SP / EG / MG / HG.

=> Consequence on the contract: Amendment annexe 1 related to Kimsufi range to add the interdiction of resale and that it is limited to EU residents only.

More information: (FI contractwill be implemented soon)

When logging to the manager, you will be asked to validate the new conditions, and the differences between the new and the previous contract will be displayed. The old contract will either run until the renewal date of your server and you will have to accept the new contract when you will renew it or when you log into your manager.

These measures are in place to avoid abuse, which may affect the offer for technical or economic reasons.

Best wishes,