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Servers and IPv4

09-26-2012, 04:14 PM

as you know, there is no more RIPE IPv4.

More precisely, there is no more free IPv4 addresses.
In contrast to our competitors who have chosen to charge IPv4 for some time now, we
have continued to provide them free until the last moment. That moment is here.

Therefore, we have come to the end of free IPv4.
And thus must begin a new period where IPv4 are charged for.

The cost associated with IPv4 will allow us to buy new IPv4 blocks and offer you
always as much as you need for your projects.

And therefore, once we've checked the price of IPv4 blocks in
the market, we decided to set the price at
1 €/month/IPv4 and thus, align ourselves with our competitors.

We will therefore modify some options
for dedicated servers for a softer landing:

- The main IP of the server, VPS and VKS is not charged

- the use of professional option is kept at 15 €/month, 50 € for HG

- The Fail-Over IP's are 1 €/month

- IP failover blocks are 1 €/month/IP with the minimum size of a block / 28 (16IP).
If you have a 24 and you want to keep 1 IP (the worst case scenario), you can
the cut /24 block as much as you want to finally end up with your IP in a /28 block.
Blocks become independent of the servers.

- KVM is 0 €/month (if available EG/MG/HG)

- vRack 0 €/month/server and
for vLan, it remains 30 €/month for all servers

- NAS-HA is directly available

These changes will be implemented in few days, with the range in 2013.