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Proxmox 2.1

05-03-2012, 09:41 AM

I am pleased to announce that this morning a new version of
Proxmox is available: Proxmox 2.1

This is a version that contains mostly news about the
start and stop behavior of KVMinstances:

Here are the complete"Release Notes":

- Simplify GUI for users without permissions
- Implemented startup / shutdown ordering
- Improved task logs on node startup / shutdown
- Added Russian, Italian and Turkish translation
- Updated to 1.4.3 corosync cluster stack
- Update to 2.2.95 LVM (snapshot problems fixed)
- Bug fixed

Youcan update from 2.0 with Debiantools:
# aptitude update && aptitude full-upgrade

Feel free to send us your comments on the forum.