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IPv6 on vRacks

12-09-2011, 08:36 AM
Hello everyone,

Now, you have a /56 block of IPv6 in each virtual rack. In addition, you can configure the reverses or manage directly the reverse zone.

The IPv6 block is automatically configured if you have an IPv4 block. Also, if you use a virtual rack only as a private network, you won't have IPv6 (so to guarantee the privacy precisely...).

To find out the IPv6 block and the network parameters for it, go to the Manager and select the virtual rack infrastructure in the list.

Some other notes:

IPv6 is not yet available for the ACE and the firewall on the virtual racks.

The router doesn't announce the Remote Advertisement so you can allocate your address block automatically. If you want that, you can put in place a RA or DHCPv6 dameon in your vlan.

As with IPv4, IPv6 routing is redundant (HSRP + OSPF) between the routers rbx-s1 and rbx-s2 (hence the 2 IP before the gateway IP are reserved and should never be used).

The first IP in the subnet and 128 first IPs are normally reserved (anycast).