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mxplan anti-spam anti-virus

08-27-2011, 04:54 PM
If you have shared hosting at
OVH, you also have POP accounts.
Perhaps you could benefit from an MX Plan.

Just for your information: in the coming days
we will change the system of anti-spam
and anti-virus in order to better protect you against spam.

The tests we conducted were
very successful and so we believe we will
(finally) be able to offer a quality service
in terms of filtering spam.

This same system is being installed
on the mailout of OVH. For example if you
send an email using SMTP life ns0.ovh.net
or via a PHP script on your shared hosting,
servers, mail-out deal with the
send to the Internet. now before
sending, all emails pass through
the anti-spam. The idea is to prevent the
spam from our own infrastructure
and OVHs IP being black listed.

We think the operation will be done in
late September