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We've passed 100,000 servers....Champagne!

07-05-2011, 07:26 PM
That's it! We have surpassed the
100,000 dedicated servers hosted in our
data centers. It is a round number that is
interesting to remember when you are asked
"OVH, you know?" "Yeah yeah I was there
when they have exceeded 100,000 servers
2011 "... In short, we are happy
to host these servers for you.

How would we celebrate this?

We cut out the setup fee on
dedicated servers, VPS, and the PCC
phone? Go! Let us be fools again! we
live once! That's it. There is
more at OVH then setup fees.

How long?

We end the introduction of PCIDSS and should be
better able to manage the turnover through the
automated payment, you order a service at OVH
then when you do not want to renew you click
to let us know. That way you know you can resume
the server to the expiration date of the server.
That's what happens with PCIDSS

In a few days we'll continue the OVH party by testing U.S.
and Canadian markets. We will offer them a few thousand
servers (5000) to see what US / CA customers needs are.
We will understand fully what OVH can offer and what is wrong.

In short, the OVH party is likely to continue and we will not pull any punches ..


PS. We stop the cost of installing ADSL / SDSL within 10 days. Time to
put the gamma version of the tenders.