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VPS evolution

06-23-2011, 09:32 PM

On Monday we will upgrade the VPS offers. We decided to make them as simple as possible:
-we no longer offer disk 10 G
-HA option (99,99 %) is free
-only 4 vcore

The rest doesn't change.

For existing customers:
-if you have 50 G or 100 G, we offer HA option (99,99 %). If you have HA, you no longer need to pay for it
-if you have a 10 G drive:
-and if you are on the 99,9 %, no change
-and if you are on the 99,99 % it's worth it to switch to 50 G because it will be cheaper and you have +40 G drive.

Renewal: if you are on 10 G, from September the renewal will include the upgrade to 50 G + 99,99 % mandatory and thus it increases prices. For those who will pay 1 year in advance, it will be the case in a year.

Finally, the VPS1 will always be available and the VPS offer starting with 50 G will be 18,44 €/month with 99,99 %. We no longer wish to provide the 99,9 % and with the change of license on VMware, we have included it in the VPS price with no price change (for 50 G and 100 G). Basically, we aim for quality and demanding customer.