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The attacks

05-12-2011, 01:02 PM

At the gateway to the backbone, we have just changed the configuration. We remove the filter on the whole IP layer and we only keep the UDP.

Thus, any IP on the Internet is limited to 50Mbps UDP towards the entire OVH network.

If you have problems, do let us know. It's not because we have to manage an emergency that we cannot refine it right away. It's the same email as usual if it's a matter of life or death oles@ovh.net

Early afternoon, we'll continue to refine them to reach the final 3 new rules:

-limitation on UDP on source IP to OVH currently limited to 50Mbps and we will try to go down to 20Mbps around 14:00

-limitation on UDP on destination IP to OVH currently implemented on the HG network to 50Mbps. We do not yet know whether it's useful and whether to configure it on all routers

-limitation on UDP on OVH source IP to the Internet is not yet in place. The goal is to prevent an OVH server sending an attack towards the Internet.


05-12-2011, 02:06 AM
Good evening,

Considering the amount of attacks that we are receiving every day, we decided to unearth the battle axe We cannot allow it anymore. Today alone, there are more than 30 attacks and they've impacted 5 networks for our clients with temporary degradation of the service.


A source IP (the Internet) cannot send towards OVH network more than 50Mbps over the entire IP layer. Ultimately we think to apply it only to the UDP layer.

We've also added a limitation on the HG network on the destination IP on UDP from all the IPs to 50Mbps.

If you have problems please send an email
to oles@ovh.net noc@ovh.net