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After 2 weeks, we prod (29/04)

05-02-2011, 12:20 PM
Here's the news for the two weeks to come:

And here's what we have prodded in the last 2 weeks:

DSL v0.85b
-Expert ADSL modem guide :
(The PDF version of the manuals will be available on the site's document page next week)

- Manager V5 - Ping settings (Fastpath) :

Regarding other expected elements:
- Other functions of the Manager V5, including reseting and monitoring the connection port and the ping advances, and will be prodded next week (due to an update of the DSL management system in the V5, it was done before) .

- National SDSL with GTR : the offer will be announced in a couple of days

E-mail Solutions
- Hosted Exchange
- 25GB Exchange account
- Corporate Option - v1.0

Shared Hosting v4.15
- Module updates :
- Dolibarr and Coppermine
Find out more:

Dedicated servers v10.07
- Distributions :
- Plesk 10.2 Linux
- Plesk 10.2 Windows
- Unbuntu 11.04

PCC v1.13
- vShield in beta
Beta test closed with 3 customers: feature validations and features in the pCC

- The SPLA licensing will be for the start of next week: to begin early this month and finish the robots

VoIP v2.14
- Shared answering machine management
- Order numbers
Find out more:

- Fax pack

- 92 prefix for directly to the answering machine

- Management of internal/external calls

MoMi v4.1.5
Translated into 10 languages
- DNS zone management
- Web redirection management
- Hide Whois
- Add AFNIC identification for registering .re domain names
- graphic theme update
- Error messages by default
- Minor bug-fixes
- Improved encryption of stored logins
- Update of geolocalisation SMS features:
- Correction of sent message codes
- Correction of expiration dates.
Find out more:

All the best