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pCC billing is ready

04-12-2011, 07:26 PM

The billing is now ready. Thank you for all the feedback and help in debugging the billing. All clicks in the manager have been very useful in finalising the billing service. And so we decided to give them to you for free


The resources consumed per hour since the beginning of the gamma up until tomorrow 11:59am (April 13) are free.

The bill for renewing the infrastructure happens tomorrow and will therefore include:
- One month of the monthly resources at the monthly cost (host and storage)
- One month on these same resources for free to thank you for having debugged the billing
- Use of the maximum number of vm used during the month of March (for the Standard Advanced and Enterprise licensing) that you have a contract with

More generally:

Otherwise, every 1st of each month you will receive an invoice for the pCC. This invoice will include:
- standard invoicing for the host and NAS the next month
- if you have taken a host or a NAS within the month and you chose to pay monthly, you then pay for ... 1 month. Everybody's following The 1st of each month you will be charged pro rata to the number of days to finish. Example: If you have taken a host on the 16th, it is paid up to 16th and 31-16+1 will be charged for the remaining time to finish the calendar month.
- VM licenses that you have consumed in the month that ended.

If you want to take the pCC or you are still unsure about the pCC, know that tomorrow we will start production of the final bid. The S pack will disappear and we will directly start from the M pack ... Also, installation costs will gradually be increased in 50 increments every week until they reach 500 . So in 10 weeks.

In short, we're entering the service life phase. It is a very special moment. We have worked hard to put this infrastructure in place and it works now. This is where beautiful things start for all your projects. The gamma ends tomorrow.

Thank you again for all the betas and the gammas!