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Giving away 1000

03-28-2011, 09:48 PM
Good evening,

Momi, which is available on Apple's AppStore is upgrading to version 1.4. There's a few new features (see changelog).

Also, you can now geolocalise your ID with your iPhone or iPad. This will be very useful to take advantage of promotions that are geolocalised for the city, the country etc ...

So that's exactly it! Are you able to hack the GPS system we have enabled on Momi?

Go for it! I'm giving 1,000 to the person who succeeds in hacking our system. To earn this amount you must: - spoof the coordinates of your nic in our database to "0.00 0.00" - successfully validate this spoof with the signature and the checks that we have set it up - and announce the method used on a site. It must be reproducible, meaning that almost anyone should be able to spoof this validation and succeed.

Those are the rules of the game The community will decide if your method works or not and then who wins the 1,000.

Download the App here:

You can also use a jailbroken iPhone. All shots are allowed!

If you win, you need to send me your bank account details and I will make the transfer within the week. Feel free to talk about it around you. It would be a shame to miss an opportunity to make easy money ... Really easy? ... So? Hack? or not to Hack?

All the best