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10000 loyalty coupons for 10000 servers

02-24-2011, 04:00 AM
Good evening,

Well, the first round of loyalty coupons have been awarded

The result of the race is: nearly 10,000 coupons
were sent with a total value for 500'000
to buy 10,000 new servers.

These points can be used for:
- vps (vps will be coming out in less than 2 weeks)
- rps (due in a few weeks)
- kimsufi (will be 0 installation fees
and unblocking of port 25 for 61,50 )
- sp
- eg
- mg
- hg (can be used with other promotions)

An additional loyalty scheme will be available on HG
which will be put in place in a few days (need time to code
the algorithm).

The RPS and VPS will also generate some coupons the same way as the kimsufi.