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Lähetä palautetta: miniCloud

02-26-2010, 04:17 PM
Onko kukaan meidän asiakkaista lähettänyt palautetta? Miten on toiminut?

02-21-2010, 12:02 PM
We are nearly 2500 mC production. We would prefer
have a feedback on the technical side of performance
mC as compared to your needs. What it allows
make your level? What kind of sites, projects you
rotate with the current success?
Then to know where the mC is not enough. What kind
project? At what level is not enough?

You can give us feedback on cloud@ml.ovh.net or
if too many emails on the mailing list oles@ovh.net

At our level, the sub runs well. We use
Virtual Bays for managing mC allowing us
install 1 server / rack. No more. Thus, the sub is
highly redundant across all datacentres of OVH. More
Later this will help us manage the switching Hot
CC between physical servers, in case of failure or upgrade.
Storage side, we try to saturate 1 spin test we
have established for this project and we can not really.
It's a good sign. So we install more of mC
but it still runs as well. We will continue to load
the boat. It remains to deliver 400 mC. That's the beta testing.
But it was a little afraid they will not have enough beta testers.
We'll see For now we keep the limit of an MC / Guest
which offers services in OVH.

Marketing side, we are moving towards 2 offers this is a mC
1 core at 1GHz with 256MB of RAM (2GB swap) and 5GB of disk
- At: 0.02Euro HT / hour
- Year: 24Euro HT / year
That's the "Cloud" I'm an MC, I test for X hours
it suits me, I keep the dev with the ability to stop
My mC while keeping the disc, then restart it when I
want for X hours. " So continue with the development
model / hour. Then when everything is stable and the project is
sold, going off to the annual economies of scale
the rental price. It's a little about the mode of operation
we observed at "developers" but also
of "sysadmin" who wish to make the "proof of concept" for
a client for 2-3 hours to 3-4 days. Then validate with
their customers the concept, specifications and have already
little concrete in discussing.

New distributions arrive and including Windows. Too
services come with the balancing of the load port 80. Then
As already announced, the cloud has blocked port 25 to the outside.
This is to prevent spammers using our infrastructure
for spammer for even cheaper. Instead, infrastructure
SMTP RELAY will put up with a quota of 50 emails per hour
in price (everything is on time so, it prevents the abuse). If you
Need to send more emails per hour, this cost 1euro
per 1,000 emails and more, with logs, monitoring and all that
necessary to properly manage mailing (email but also SMS, FAX and
letter, but another project, Ouma ...).

We still manage some uses that are considered
improper about this kind of offer with this kind of price. They talk about
Type streaming radio / video "or" heavy use of I / O on
records ". We will probably allow such use,
mC but the default will be a limit in terms of GB / hour
I / O per hour. If exceeded, the GB & I / O consumed beyond
limit will be charged. It is a simple way to manage

I have not spoken of CC, DC or AC ... This is normal. These
betas that will start once the MC is stable and available.
I have not spoken with other versions of mC with more RAM, more
disks, more CPU. It is also normal. We await your feedback
the types of projects you have not managed to run
on your MC.

When supply starts?
We will seize the MC to start the development manager v4.
You've already begun to see what it'll be with
3-4 Project labs.ovh.net. We believe that in 2 weeks can be
start this development going quickly. For now we
is still hands on some ideas on the interface and
management infrastructure necessary to manage the backoffice
new manager who is quick with a list of load
response <100-150ms time for each click and then arrive at
down to <50ms. In short, an interface emotional when
Click the content reaches the speed of a movie ... pure

I was a little long. Sorry, it's been a while since I did not
position and we must empty his bag eh ... is like
OVH in Mag ...